Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 06, 2016 at 09:14AM by advodna_dave

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Snow falling on our cabin in Tahoe the last couple days reminds me of this oldie-but-goodie pic from the time we were surprised by a late Sept snow fall up a winding dirt road in the National Forest north of Winnemucca. We went to sleep to a few raindrops on the aluminum roof and woke up to 6-12 inches of snow! After a brief period of wondering if our rescue (or grim discovery of our remains) would make the national news, we dropped it in 4-LO and crawled over a 7000+ ft summit and down into the valley on the other side. Link to the story of a panicked morning temporarily in profile or from Sept 2013 in the blog archives. #airstream #liveriveted #myrivetedlife #airstreaminsnow