Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015 at 12:51PM by advodna_dave

Our second car for these two weeks as we "play house" around Petaluma, thanks to the demo program from Petaluma's own @yubabicycles. This Mundo is set up with a Yepp seat in the back for Mae, a padded deck with a wrap-around bar for Wynne and an electric assist for me! Also has room for two substantial side bags, plus a front basket. This morning, we criss-crossed town on errands from McNear Park across the river to CVS, over to the post office for stamps for holiday cards, down Kentucky to Bovine Bakery for a muffin and all the way up to Sunnyslope for a playdate, hitting 20 mph easily on the flats and cruising with minimal effort up moderate hills. This morning's Eco Smug Level in Petaluma was off the charts! #yubabicycles #yubamundo #cargobike #yubacargobike #hybrid #priuskiller