Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10, 2015 at 12:22PM by advodna_dave

A few people had questions about how it all worked spending a few nights in a rented Westfalia camper with an 18 mo and a 4 yr old last weekend compared to our usual lifestyle in a 25' Airstream. And we did spend a lot of time thinking about what it might be like to live full time in one, mostly just out of curiousity but also with an eye towards a smaller rig to explore Europe in a couple years. It's funny how your perspective changes. After downsizing from a 2000 sq ft house to a 200 sq ft trailer, our old house seems impractical, impersonal and wasteful. And sitting huddled for warmth with three people on a two person bench behind a swing out table that blocks access to a single narrow closet with our clothes and covers two shallow bins containing all our food, and another person perched on a swiveled captains chair with feet resting on a battery compartment and a cooler in the doorway and the other chair piled high with kid's car seats and last night's campfire smoke-infused clothes, the Airstream's dedicated dinette, full height countertops, bright lighting, comparatively endless storage, headroom, cozy couch, furnace and bathroom including piping hot showers seem like pure luxury. We ended the weekend with even more respect for the folks we see living the #vanlife with their kids - @bodeswell_vw, @poseidonsbeard, @jbeverly416, @adventuresingoldie, @aclimbingpartyoffour, @wandrly to name a few - and hope that despite our swanky silver mansion, we still have enough common ideals between us to hang with you sometime out on the road! #westfalia #westy #rvwithkids #vanlifewithkids