Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 01, 2015 at 03:46PM by advodna_dave

I ended up having to aim our space heater at the gray tank to get it to thaw, but in the end, I had the water lines blown out with compressed air, the water heater and fresh water tanks drained and antifreeze in the traps with a whole 45 minutes to spare before we needed to leave for the airport. Then again, the plan all along was to get there a couple hours early to have dinner and get the kids into pajamas before the post-bedtime flight. We only briefly (for 15 minutes) left the wheelie cart with both car seats by a bench just beyond security. Forgot them completely. Oops. And not like anyone noticed... Otherwise, everything's gone to plan with even time for an episode of Paw Patrol before boarding. Side note: Do all parents know about "Guided Access Mode" on the iPad? Triple click to disable the menu button and touch screen so little hands (or littler hands) don't accidentally turn off the show. It's a game changer. #familytravel #loganairport #bostonlogan #nowiftheyllonlysleepontheplane