Friday, November 20, 2015

November 20, 2015 at 08:48AM by advodna_dave

I had a few thoughts today while emptying the black tank of the trailer with the macerator. When we’re stationary for a while, shit tends to pile up. I’m speaking of emotional shit here, as I think will become clear as you read on. There’s just a lot of input from a variety of new sources, and it all just kinda layers on top of the other stuff until it builds into a pyramid of crap that threatens to overflow. Much more quickly than while we're traveling, I feel like I run out of room for anything else. And when I try to get rid of everything that’s built up, each sequential layer tends to clog how I deal with the previous. It becomes a fairly tedious process, trying to flush my mind clean, and honestly, I’m never quite fully successful, with little bits of this and that inevitably sticking around in the dark corners. Frankly, it gives me a bit of indigestion just thinking about it. But when we’re moving, it all just kinda settles. Frankly, there’s just not as much opportunity to process it, so letting it build is simply not an option. There are probably the same amount of inputs, but something about the movement just stirs it all up into something that’s a little more, well... fluid. I feel like I’m more able to consume new experiences and then let them go, or just let them organically become part of the rich and fertile repository that I carry along with me. And when we arrive at the next location, I can simply release everything that’s built up and be ready to devour and process the next new thing. Emotionally speaking, I mean. Of course, we would never give up the opportunity to spend time with family we’d otherwise only get to see for a quick holiday weekend, and I personally need to get better at not blowing a fuse when grinding through these kinds of issues, but I definitely find myself excited for this next year and another chance to stir the pot with a little more time on the road. #dumpthoughts #airstream #stinkyslinky #wanderlust