Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015 at 06:05PM by advodna_dave

So I spent just about 24 hours yesterday in our "hometown" of Petaluma. The trip went great and mission accomplished (unless the mission was "sleep" in which case it was a horrible failure). Details on all that to come, but it seemed like a perfect thing to do upon my return to Chicago to check out the recently opened Midwest brewing/distribution operation and taproom of our Petaluma local favorite Lagunitas Brewing Company. Despite being located in a *monster* industrial warehouse, they've done a pretty incredible job migrating the unique culture of the Petaluma operation. Entry is through a trippy, laser-lit hallway with windows to the bottling line, up two flights of stairs to a level overlooking a tasting lounge very reminiscent of the employee bar in CA and to a taproom with long communal tables just like those right smack in the middle of the brewery operations in Petaluma. A fun stop made even better by the last minute realization that the bass player from our bluegrass band in SF, @racmenlo, who had moved away to PA after his wife was diagnosed with triplets was in town on business and came out to meet us! #Lagunitas #lagunitastaproom #lagunitaschicago #chicago