Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16, 2015 at 09:29AM by advodna_dave

One of the things I've been missing most about being on the road is motorcycles. I "purged" my big adventure bike before we hit the road but still have a couple old Hondas in a shed at home that I miss tinkering with and rattling along at 35 mph on down a country road. I've spent a few nights lately staring at bike porn, so when I had a free morning, I Googled "Madison vintage motorcycle" and came up with Suter's Speed Shop. Wow, I would have a lot of rusty "projects" in my garage if I lived anywhere near this salvage yard, not to mention access to the friendly and knowledgeable guys behind the counter. They even had a nice "cafe'd out" specimen of my latest obsession, an old Honda CL 350 Scrambler, that definitely would have followed me home. #vintagemotorcycles #vintagebikelust #hondacl350 #hondascrambler #madison #needatoyhauler