Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 08, 2015 at 06:16PM by advodna_dave

After groceries, gas and propane in Custer, SD (Custer Gas had a propane cylinder the size of a 737 but no one who knew how to fill a tank but Custer Gulch RV Park could do it), we pulled up to the entrance of Custer State Park and mentioned that we were thinking of camping at the Game Lodge Campground since they had a dump station and it was getting late. He said we could go check it out, but that he'd been sending a lot of people there. It was amazing, he continued, that people would just show up here not knowing that all sites required reservations. Uh, what? Actually, they require reservations but they can be made on the same day (or same hour or same minute). In fact, no one at any of the campgrounds can even sell a site to you; They have these "black box" phones you can use to reach a call center who knows where who can assign you a site. As it turned out, the voice on the line assigned us the last site available for two nights, and we backed in just in time to put Mae down for her afternoon nap. Unfortunately, Mae refused to give up the toy phone with sound effects Grandma had given her for her birthday and which had been entertaining her through the end of the car ride. We managed to switch off the sounds but warily left her lying on her back in the portacrib holding her phone above her with two hands. After a few minutes of playful giggling, we heard a thin plastic thud. She started crying immediately. Honestly, I feel like doing the same when I drop my phone on my face in bed. #airstream #airstreamwithkids #liveriveted #myrivetedlife #custerstatepark #southdakota #walkincrocs