Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 20, 2015 at 06:32AM by advodna_dave

As I sat there on the lakeshore last night watching the kids playing with their sand toys and generously sharing them with new friends, I tried to stifle a nagging concern that we might not leave with everything we'd brought. I was particularly worried about one favorite green bucket wandering off with a kid named "Bradin." I instinctually reached into my pocket for my phone and Googled stores where we might be able to replace it and was relived when I found one right in nearby Helena that sounded like *the* place to go for buckets. I even took the precaution of mapping to it, and it actually looked like it would be a nice drive. I felt much better knowing that if I did end up going to Helena Bucket, at least I'd enjoy the ride. #BOOM! #thanksyouvebeenagreatcrowd #wynneswagon #childhoodunlplugged #hauserlake #blacksandystatepark