Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 19, 2015 at 04:39PM by advodna_dave

When we'd found out the campground inside the east entrance of Glacier National Park was closed, we decided we'd just grab a private site nearby and binge on some internet for a night since our AT&T phones still only intermittently showed a Rogers (Canadian) signal. We pulled into the KOA without a lot of confidence given that the sign on the highway hadn't said anything about wireless. When they said they had it, I grilled them about how well it worked, confirmed it wasn't TengoInternet and made sure it would reach our site. As I walked back towards the trailer with our site Sharpied onto the campground map, my phone buzzed to life. New emails, IG comments, Facebook birthdays! But, I hadn't connected yet. Wait, could it be? The JetPack had signal and my phone had connected automatically! Ah, sweet unlimited internet, I've missed you! USA! USA! The next morning, we decided we didn't really wanna go anywhere. Ann's back had been giving her trouble from all the baby sherpa-ing (on the trail and off) and we both just needed a day of rest. After a mellow morning, we drove across the highway to Johnson's Cafe, a 65 year tradition outside the park, for a decent down home lunch. Despite the wind picking up to gusts of 40 mph by the time we returned, there seemed like only one sensible thing to do with our afternoon. Sure, it may be at a KOA on a windy plain outside of national park, but it still qualified as the second best hot pool we'd been in in the last two weeks. #okayitsnotliardbutwelltakeit #fulltimefamilies #travelwithkids #familytravel