Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 09, 2015 at 08:28AM by advodna_dave

I think someone forgot to tell Fall when to show up so Winter came down early to cover for him. It's been a rainy, overcast few days with temps dipping below freezing most nights and new dusting sod snow on the jagged mountains surrounding us. No problems with pipes or anything yet, but we have been making some adjustments to keep the interior warm, especially given the fact that the plan is to spend November in the trailer in Boston. We'd cut Reflectix panels for the back windows before Alaska for warmth and to keep it dark for the kids to sleep, but now added panels for all of the other windows. It takes less than a couple minutes to put them all up, sliding the window levers and locking catches through slits in the Reflectix to hold the panels in place, but makes a huge difference. We've also started putting up a heavy velvet curtain that snaps across the front of the lounge bed to effectively reduce the size of the trailer that needs to be heated. With the front Fantastic Fan open a crack in there to reduce condensation, we're comfortable in our cool little front bedroom while the kids are toasty in back. In the morning, we slowly take down the Reflectix panels one by one as we need more light and the temps outside creep up. #airstream #airstreaminwinter #airstreamwithkids #alsopreventsanyonefromreadingourthoughts