Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 09, 2015 at 05:40PM by advodna_dave

While trapped in the trailer by the cold and drizzle, there were moments we were at our wit's end with both kids, but out on the trail, they usually just go with the flow; Mae's up for anything as long as she gets a chance to eat and sleep, and Wynne has been going through an explosion of learning in recent weeks so entertains us with profound proclamations from the backpack carrier. At first, we were pretty blown away by what she'd picked up from the Leap Frog videos she's been watching in the car when she'd yelled out "Gravity keeps people from floating off the planet!" But then she followed up with something that was more of a stretch: "Ice is actually glass!" Uh, okay, I see where you're going with that. Well done! Unfortunately, the next blast of wisdom was "Stuffed animals are paper!!" #ohwell #roadschool #childhoodunplugged #bowlake #jasper #alberta #icefieldsparkway