Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30, 2015 at 07:33PM by advodna_dave

It was a bit of a bold (read: stupid, reckless, ill-advised) move to leave Liard on a Saturday to relocate to popular lake with only 15 campsites in each of the two campgrounds, but to do it in the afternoon following the baby's nap and after dumping and filling up with what was probably the most expensive gas of the trip (I don't actually do the math on litrogallons to kiloloonies) was just pure hubris. But, after something like 240 days on the road, we've yet to be shut out and may just be tempting fate. Sure enough, there were a few spots available and after backing in with our bumper hanging over the beach, we plopped the girls down in front of the glassy water and grabbed the chairs and sand toys. Well, gravel toys. #childhoodunplugged #britishcolumbia #muncholake #airstreamtoalaska