Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 20, 2015 at 07:17PM by advodna_dave

For a couple months, we've been battling with a leak in the bottom corner of one of our two 6 gallon water jugs. These light blue/green Reliance jugs we found at Walmart a few years ago are nice and narrow and have the perfect spout for dumping into the trailer, so I'd rather not have to find replacements. I've tried the few formulations of JBWeld and other marine sealants I have around, but eventually, they've all failed, losing adhesion to the plastic of the jug. I finally got around to Googling how to repair High Density Poly Ethylene. The answer? High Density Poly Ethylene! Following the tips on a couple kayak repair sites, I searched the trailer until I found a conditioner bottle with the HDPE stamp, cut a patch and melted it into place with a lighter. So far, it's holding water, and the best part is, you can hardly even see where the repair was! #yeahright #uglybutitworks #roadrepair #HDPE #iusedtomeltarmymenonthelightbulbinmyroom