Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015 at 05:49PM by advodna_dave

Before leaving Tok, we filled up with gas, did one more gray water dump, topped off water and hit the surprisingly well-stocked Three Bears Market that carries bulk sizes in a few of our favorite road snacks (Mary's Gone Crackers and these "deli style" pretzel crisps). At the dump station, an older guy pulled his trailer in on the other side. Guy: You heading up or down? Me: Well, I guess you'd say down. We're done with our Alaska loop, but just decided to go out over the Top of the World. Guy: [Wincing] Ooooooh. Gonna be bumpy! Me: Oh, did you just come down from there? Guy: No, we were on the Kenai. Me: Oh, so have you driven it before? Guy: Well, no. Me: ... #topoftheworldhighway #airstream #airstreamtoalaska #airstreamwithkids #myrivetedlife #liveriveted