Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015 at 05:42PM by advodna_dave

We're suffering from a bit of "post-awesome depression" after a mind blowing helicopter ride to the glaciers in Valdez and a great adventure in McCarthy and now faced with the prospect of leaving Alaska within the next couple days. For so long we've been focussed on getting here and doing as much as possible that now that we've done it, it takes a mental shift to figure out what we're excited about next. Of course, that shouldn't really be too challenging considering that the next 6 weeks will take us down the Alcan through Liard Hot Springs, through Jasper and down the Icefields Parkway to Banff, and into the U.S. to visit friends and explore national parks in the Rockies before turning East to zip across to Boston to spend time with family. Uh yeah, not to hard to be excited about, but still, we weren't feeling ready to just slink back down the same route we'd taken on the way up. So... It'll mean a couple more days driving and a little more rough road, but with a name like "The Top of the World Highway," it seems like it might just be worth the detour and would feel like a fitting end to a great couple months in Alaska! That's right, we're heading to Chicken and Dawson City! #airstreamtoalaska #topoftheworldhighway