Friday, August 14, 2015

August 14, 2015 at 09:18AM by advodna_dave

Absolutely every single person we've met in McCarthy and Kennecott has been really nice and welcoming. From the people driving the free shuttle from the footbridge to town to the people working at the gear store or serving food at The Potato or the Golden Saloon to the Park Rangers and guides from St. Elias Alpine Guides and Kennicott Wilderness Guides we passed on the trail or talked to at the Thursday open mic. I think after reading "Pilgrim's Wilderness," we both expected a little more of a "you can poke around, but don't bother us" attitude which haven't found at all. Instead, it's been questions about our travels, helpful suggestions on what to explore and encouragement for getting the kids out traveling and into nature early. The proximity of funky McCarthy, historic Kennecott and the stunning(ly accessible) Root Glacier makes the drive down a bumpy road completely worth it (though I'll report back this afternoon after driving back out!). #mccarthy #Kennecott #Kennicott #rootglacier #heylookkidsaglacier #familytravel #fulltimefamilies #fulltimetravel