Friday, August 14, 2015

August 14, 2015 at 05:28PM by advodna_dave

On the road to the ruins at Tikal in Guatemala, you're stopped at a checkpoint and given a slip of paper stamped with the time. If you arrive at the next checkpoint in under 20 minutes, they know you were speeding and will happily give you a ticket (link to our blog post from Tikal temporarily in profile or find it on the blog!). I took a similar approach to driving back out the McCarthy Road. It had taken us just under two and half hours on the way in. Today, In an effort to minimize damage inside the trailer, I challenged myself to make it take at least three full hours. While I drove *much* slower and hit my desired benchmark, we still managed to flip several of our cabinet latches up so drawers went everywhere, dump the teapot (full of water of course) out of an upper cabinet onto the floor, re-crack one of the shelves on the fridge door and (oh, I hadn't mentioned this one the first time around cause it took us a while to notice it) re-crack the hinge on our freezer door that if temporarily repaired with JB Weld (aka "Dada Play Doh"). Still completely worth it and the trailer was easy enough to put back together and new repairs of superglue and silicone are already underway. Note, the wooden trestle in the pic was part of the CR & NW Railway built to haul copper ore from Kennecott mine and was built in just 8 days... in Winter! #mccarthy #wrangellstelias #airstream #liveriveted #myrivetedlife #shakerattleandroll!