Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015 at 06:54PM by advodna_dave

Watched Wynne put on a puppet show in grandma's driveway, dropped off six empty kegs from the festival at @IronSpringsBrewery, drove the incredibly scenic back way from Fairfax to Petaluma, met with my financial planner, swung by the large animal vet to pick up pig tranquilizers, stood staring at the piles of stuff in our garage that despite our best efforts at purging we convinced ourselves we still needed, trimmed #PetuniaThePig's toenails with tin snips and shaped 'em with the Dremel as @l3bc held her in a firm but loving embrace, drove by the local Moose Lodge in Petaluma even though my "home lodge" is in Anchorage Alaska, and now about to do a cameo at the regularly scheduled "Dad's Night" which I've missed for the last 7 months. Life is weird right now. #butawesome #potbelliedpig #manipiggy