Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11, 2015 at 02:56PM by advodna_dave

Okay, we have a plan for August, September and October that will have us in Boston in time for the kids to do Halloween with their cousins. Tomorrow, we fly back to the Bay Area for two weeks to see family and friends, but we'll be back on the 25th of July to head down to Homer and to SalmonFest. From August 1st, we essentially start heading east, taking about three weeks to enjoy the drive back out to Watson Lake where we intersected the Alaska Highway 6 weeks ago. From there (see link to map and calendar in right column of blog), we wind down through Jasper and Banff, cross into the U.S., and head to Glacier, Bozeman, Yellowstone and the Tetons before turning left. We'll hit Badlands, the grassland preserves, and Mt. Rushmore, stop in at the Mothership (Airstream Factory) in Jackson Center and then beeline it for Boston. From Watson Lake, it'll be 4,500 miles in 68 days, averaging a drive of 132 miles every other day. Of course, we'll string some together, eat up miles on others and stretch out when want. Have a look at the link to the route and calendar in the right column of the blog (link in profile), and let us know if we're coming through your town or might cross paths on the road! #rvlife #lifeontheroad #fulltimefamilies #familytravel