Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015 at 02:46PM by advodna_dave

The road out to Teklanika is gravel but well-maintained since it's used by the frequently- scheduled shuttle and tour buses. Still, it felt pretty neat to be among the relatively few who get to drive it. We'd already left later than we'd wanted to because of our detour outside the park to get propane but were still within the range for getting Mae a second nap while we drove. Of course, her eyes were shutting just as we approached the checkpoint to confirm we had legitimate reason to be driving past Mile 13, only to open again widely as the friendly ranger leaned in the window to give us the details on the road and a ranger talk later that evening. We took the drive slow, watching either side of the road for wildlife (which never appeared) and for Mae's eyes to droop once again. After 45 minutes, we pulled into the campground with a sleeping baby and drove both loops, identifying our favorite sites. Just as we circled back around to our top choice, it started to hail. Awesome. Since we didn't seem to be in anyone's way, we just idled in the road watching it fall and imagining how loud it must have been in the trailer! Despite warnings I'd read, our trailer would have fit in just about any site in the campground, particularly with some creative parking of the truck. Our spot was at the end of the second loop with easy access out to the 1/4 mile wide bed of gravel through which the Teklanika River runs in twists and braids. #childhoodunplugged #ergo #babywearing #teklanikariver #teklanikacampground #denalinationalpark #denalikids #dadalmostgotbeanedwitharock - posted by advodna_dave on June 29, 2015 at 02:46PM