Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015 at 10:56AM by advodna_dave

Denali National Park has two distinct areas: wilderness and "not." We've spent the last two nights at the Savage River Campground exploring some of the "not" including the Learning and Science Center and the dog sled kennels. While it's a pleasant little campground, there's not much nearby and, with hazy skies from the fires nearby, it's hard to tell if there's much view. If you're planning a visit, you might even be better off in closer to the "not" by staying at Riley Creek near the entrance. (Plus, you'd have 4 bars of LTE.) Beyond Savage River, the park road turns to gravel as it ventures out into the 6 million acres of wilderness and is only accessible on one of the repurposed school busses that run various tours and shuttle routes. That is, unless you have reservations at Teklanika Campground which allow you to drive out to mile 29. This afternoon, we'll move out to "Tek" for 5 nights. Our reservations there also allow us to catch one of those shuttle busses from the campground, cutting off about 3 hours from a round trip ride out to the Eielson Visitor Center for a chance at a view of the mountain and the wildlife along the way. #airstream #airstreamwithkids #airstreamtoalaska #myrivetedlife #liveriveted #denalinationalpark #savageriver