Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015 at 07:11PM by advodna_dave

Turns out installing a set of airbags to augment the rear springs of the truck in the Alaskan woods is a do it yourself job. Well, technically, it's a mention it to Jason from Bodeswell who's worked on just about every inch of their 70's VW bus in even more remote locations on (and off) the PanAmerican Highway between here and Tierra del Fuego and before ya know it he's under your truck gettin' it done kinda job. Pretty straightforward to jack up the truck, deflate the bags and squeeze them into the springs, run some air lines, add pressure and hope everything holds when you drop it down. I'd ordered these bags and had them sent to Juneau after suspecting that overworking our electric tongue jack while sliding in the bars for our weight distribution setup each day had been responsible for its demise. Without the bags, our rear would dip from 35.5" to 33" and the front rise from 35.5" to 36.5" when hitched without weight distribution. With the bags, we were at 34" and 36". Once I'd reconfigured the WD this afternoon, we're at 35" and 36" with the trailer riding perfectly level and a lot less tension on the WD. I'll take it. #airstream #airstreamtoalaska #mobilehomeimprovement #airliftairbags #thosearenotmylegs #gorillaissupervising