Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 04, 2015 at 08:20AM by advodna_dave

Yeah, I guess 5:45 am as we're trying to get hitched up to catch a ferry from Skagway to Haines is as good a time as any for the electric hitch jack to go out. Oh, yeah, and it was raining. Oddly enough, I was looking for a 40 amp blade fuse in the hardware store the other day as a backup for the one in the jack. That wasn't the problem, rather a squealing sound like it was slipping. With no time to troubleshoot this morning before the ferry, I just grabbed the manual crank from the absolute bottom of a bin in the rear storage compartment and it thankfully lowered! Full disclosure, just the other day I added two more washers to our Equalizer hitch setup 'cause I felt like our butt was looking a little saggy (it's just that easy!), so I've been having to use the jack to lift the rear end of the truck a little more to get the load bars to slip in. I was probably pushing my luck, but it couldn't really have happened at a better time since we're already having a few things sent to the RV park in Haines. If it's dead, I'll replace it with one with a higher load capacity. Of course, now after all that rushing, the ferry is late, and we're just kinda sitting here. #Airstream #airstreamtoalaksa #liveriveted #skagway #alaskamarinehighway