Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 04, 2015 at 01:02PM by advodna_dave

Getting on the ferry was pretty interesting. At the top of a steep metal ramp, a dock worker gave me signals in the side mirror to ease me over the transition and check clearance at the rear of the trailer. At the bottom, when it was determined we wouldn't clear without scraping, two workers on either side simultaneously slid short sections of ramp under the trailer tires to even out the angle. Sharp right turn and then sharp left into the lane against a wall running down the center. Now take a look at the picture and notice that the opposite side of the car deck I'm driving onto is open. That's important because while backing out in Haines (yeah, I said backing out!), the super helpful workers guided me to cut it at the end of the lane to put the back bumper right up against the orange netting on this door (Did I mention that it was open? Like open to the water?) to give me enough room to pull out the other side. Feeling the wheels slip just a bit while climbing up the steep metal ramp to the parking area was the last step in my earning of a ridonculously strong IPA tonight at the Haines Brewing Company. #Airstream #airstreamtoalaksa #alaskamarinehighway