Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 03, 2015 at 11:19AM by advodna_dave

The view from behind the trailer. Scattered rain showers last night, and when we turned on the radio for a weather forecast this morning, we learned that more were expected throughout the day. Also expected? 8,800 passengers aboard four more cruise ships. Yup, they do a cruise ship forecast on the radio! Sure enough, as we rolled open the shades, we were again surrounded by these maaaaaaassssiiiivvveee floating resorts. Feeling a bit trapped inside the trailer, @advodna_ann is watching a movie with Wynne while Mae naps, and I just finished troubleshooting why we weren't getting any shore power. In fact, with so many hours of sun, we haven't been plugged in (or needed the generator we bought in Victoria, more on that later) since Tofino more than a month ago. After opening up the EMS (Electrical Management System) I'd installed before the trip - assuming my horrible wiring skills had fallen victim to the rattles and bumps of the road - finding good power on both sides of the box and beginning the same process on the main AC panel, I remembered coming into the trailer one time after a bumpy tow and seeing Wynne kneeling in front of the AC panel door that had flopped open. Worried she could shock herself (although the AC is all behind a screwed-on cover), I pulled her away quickly. Apparently, however, not before she'd flipped the breaker on the AC main. At least it was an easy fix! #skagway