Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 02, 2015 at 10:30PM by advodna_dave

Okay, this time we are *literally* at 90 degrees in the site, but look at that view! The town of Skagway was pretty mobbed today with at least four cruise ships in port, including the one visible in the pic which we later found out an #instafriend @aaronsellars was on! Fortunately, the Skagway Brewing Company was just out of the walkable 5 block range of most cruise patrons (sorry Aaron!), and we had no problem sitting down for dinner - until, that is, they brought the lunch menu. Oh yeah, Alaska Standard Time is one hour behind Pacific, so it was technically only 4:15. Of course, no one had mentioned that to the cranky "threenager" and the teething baby, so we still ended up drinking our tasters like they were shots and taking most of dinner home in boxes. Back in the trailer with the kids asleep, we were excited to be back on American soil, or rather American cell waves, but frustratingly, data was so slow we couldn't even post one pic. Might have had something to do with the 12,000 or so people from the floating hotels since, as they each blew their horns to depart (one particularly loud burst *just* as the baby had stopped crying and was falling asleep), the connection inched faster. With the port now empty, it's blazing fast and here come the Instagram posts!!! #Airstream #airstreamtoalaksa #liveriveted #myrivetedlife #skagway