Monday, June 1, 2015

June 01, 2015 at 07:45PM by advodna_dave

This morning, we left the Alaska highway to connect with the South Klondike Highway for a side trip to Skagway, Alaska. We'll make it there tomorrow over the same route as the historic White Pass & Yukon Route railway, but our stopover for the evening on the Yukon side in Carcross was a nice surprise. Originally named "Caribou Crossing," the town's undergoing a rebranding and revitalization under the Carcross Tagish First Nation which has developed a nice little commercial and cultural center where Wynne ran around under the totem poles with some little friends for a couple hours and we had our best meal out in weeks (including a taster of more beers from Yukon Brewing to go with my Bison burger). They're also repurposing traditional hunting trails in the mountains to position Carcross as a single track mountain biking mecca (complete with a map app). We didn't make it out on any single track, but Wynne did take her longest ride to date on the balance bike over to town from the very pleasant municipal campground. None of this is the town's first attempt at attracting tourism; In 1971, they began a restoration of the S.S. Tutshi, a steam paddlewheel boat built in the town in 1917 and operated for 40 years through the dramatic scenery of the narrow arms of Lake Bennet. Unfortunately, after 20 years of restoration by local craftsman, a fire destroyed it. Anyway, if you're considering the Klondike Highway, this little town's a nice stopover only an hour and a half or so from Skagway. #Airstream #airstreamtoalaksa #carcross #yukon