Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015 at 12:47PM by advodna_dave

While researching our trip to Alaska, I'd read about the Signpost Forest in Watson Lake. And while I'd added a few things to our storage compartments that I thought might come in handy in making ourselves a sign to add to those left there by other travelers, I consciously tried not to plan too much for it. Well, I just realized that we'll be in Watson Lake at the end of the week, so I started digging through what we'd brought to see what I could come up with. By mid day, a piece of poplar board I had bought to make a toy for Wynne, a coping saw, a sharpie (channelling @brian_devine's recent inspirational lettering) and the last of the can of clear Dry Erase spray we'd used on the fridge door had been turned into something pretty cool. You'll have to wait until Watson Lake for the unveiling, tho! #safetyfirst #safetyisnoaccident #signpostforest #cassiar #britishcolumbia #kinaskanlake