Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015 at 12:44PM by advodna_dave

We were awakened at five in the morning by the sound of buzzing mosquitos, hundreds of them clamoring against the screen of the Fantastic Fan above our bed. Just as we were commenting on how glad we were that they were outside, one flew by my ear, then another by @advodna_ann's head. We began swatting and slapping as we heard Wynne from behind the curtain that separates the kid's bedroom, "There's a 'squito in here!" We'd been breached! All hands on deck! While Ann undertook a systematic extermination campaign, I tried to cut them off at the source, but where were they coming from?! We quickly ruled out windows as our screens are intact, vents seemed unlikely as did the front door. I laid on the floor with my high powered LED flashlight and started my stakeout. After about 5 minutes, I saw two come out of the air conditioner vent which I promptly sealed with Wynne's drawing paper and some blue tape. We shouldn't be needing the AC for a couple months. Next I targeted the bathroom where every time we opened the door there seemed to be three new ones circling in the shower. Ann noticed some large gaps around some water hoses behind the toilet that lead into the space behind the bathroom cabinets. Easily sealed with some aluminum tape (love this stuff - it's like if duct tape "did it" with tin foil). I then mentally traced the route behind the cabinets and - of course! - the fridge access door was just a louvered panel. I sacrificed one of the mosquito head nets I'd bought Ann for Xmas last year and cut out a section to screen off the opening. Looking above, I realized that the fridge vent on the roof through which I'd routed the solar and external antenna wires had only a thick wire mesh to keep debris out. I cut two more strips of the headset and sealed the vent on both sides. It took a while for the last of the stragglers to emerge from their hiding places, only to face an inevitable fate of a flat hand against a cool aluminum wall, but since the fortification, our security perimeter has been reestablished. #airstream #mosquitos - posted by advodna_dave on May 27, 2015 at 12:44PM