Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015 at 02:39PM by advodna_dave

We came down from the glacier ready to pack up and get on the road for a 45 minute drive back out to the Cassiar. But since we are literally the only people in this campground that will be packed in July and August when people flock here to see the bears feeding on salmon, and after the Canadian border crossing had botched Mae's first nap, we decided to stay for the afternoon and leave after the next nap (yes, that's how we have to schedule our lives). That sounded like a great excuse to get another Parmesan bagel with house smoked salmon and visit the mark we'd left among the other names of travelers on the rafters of the bakery. Oh, and have people figured out our blog name by now? We've heard it pronounced just about every way but to us, it's just a shortened version of "Adventures of Dave and Ann." ADV - O (like of) - D 'n' A! #notgoodatbranding #ordrawing #whygetashirtdirty #babylife