Friday, May 22, 2015

May 22, 2015 at 08:20PM by advodna_dave

Went to Alaska for dinner. There's no border checkpoint leaving Canada and entering Alaska 'cause you can't get anywhere else from Hyder. After driving through the 8 or 10 wood buildings on International St, we stopped in at the Sealaska Inn where the bartender had to stifle a laugh when I asked if she had a recommendation for dinner in town. "Glacier Inn is the only place that serves food this time of year." And for anyone who believes even for a second that our days are all wildlife encounters, cheerful family lunches and scenic vistas, dinner was crying kids, flung silverware, dropped fish sticks, forgotten extra diapers, and beers finished while standing up waiting for the check. That being said, people were very nice and my halibut burger was delicious! On the way back, some guys in a Subaru towing a teardrop camper were getting the full search treatment at the Canadian border checkpoint even tho we'd seen them the night before camped with us in Canada. Glad we decided not to bring the trailer over! #fulltimefamilies #hyder #glacierinn