Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 at 03:08PM by advodna_dave

At Prince George, BC, we could have continued north to Dawson Creek and the start of the Alcan Highway, but we'll take this route on the way back down. Today, we turned west onto the Yellowhead Highway to connect (in a few days) with the more remote Cassiar Highway which the Alcan replaced in WWII amid fears that it was too close to the coast and thus vulnerable to a Japanese attack. Mae's car naps are lengthening (1:20 today, woo hoo!) which makes it a lot easier to cover a couple hours in the morning and then settle somewhere early. We zipped along laughing about a sign for "Chubb's Bible Camp" and listening to a CBC show about a support group for when your children decide to become Orthodox Jews called "Parents Of Religious Kids" (PORK). By the time we got to Beaumont Provincial Park, the Victoria Day three day weekend crowds had departed, and we're alone in a dandelion (and mosquito) filled field. #britishcolumbia #yellowheadhighway #cassiarhighway #Airstream #liveriveted #myrivetedlife