Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 16, 2015 at 08:21PM by advodna_dave

While hanging out with @mywifesadventure last week, Wynne really wanted to try Luna's pedal bike with training wheels and, unlike other times she's asked to borrow "big girl bikes" from other kids at campgrounds, this time she could actually ride it. In fact, while she's been getting more confident on her Strider bike, she never wants to ride it more than a couple minutes. Yet with Luna's bike, she was pretty much on it anytime Luna wasn't (pic above). Again, at our current campground, she managed to find a tiny pedal bike and talk her way onto it, and again, wanted to ride the entire campground loop despite it being dirt and gravel. I'd been tempted to try to find a used pedal bike for her in Vancouver, but then felt like I was rushing things. I told @mywifesadventure we'd "let the road decide" and see what we came across. Today, while in Quesnel making a stop at a hardware store and Safeway, I saw a Salvation Army store on a corner. I figured I'd just peek in and see if they had a bike, but for some reason I couldn't figure out which side the entry was on. I swung around the back into a parking lot and started walking around. Along the side of the building, two women were getting out of a white pickup truck loaded with donations and a woman in a red polo shirt was helping them. As I passed, I saw the tassels. "Excuse me, that wouldn't happen to be a girls bike with 12 inch wheels would it?" Bingo! They were happy for it to go to a good home, and the woman in the red shirt didn't seem to mind. The road had decided. Well, technically, the road has decided to present me with the perfect bike that didn't actually have training wheels installed and had a flat tire that would require me to drive 20 minutes and pay $20 for the training wheels and a new tube only to get home to find that the wheels didn't really fit but could be made to work with the help of a couple of small ring clamps I kept around for tightening the Water Thief on dump station hoses. When it was all over, we ended up with a very, very happy three year old. Yeah, the road provides, but it can also sometimes be kinda a dick.