Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015 at 08:54AM by advodna_dave

When we first pulled into our spot last night, I got out and checked the bubble level I'd installed on the front of the trailer just inside the A frame. Never mind that I haven't gotten around to repositioning it so it reads accurately, but suffice to say that I know that if the bubble reads at the first tick on the left side, we're level. At first, it read at the first tick on the right side. No problem, experience told me that each of our orange blocks would correct for one tick, so boosting the left side of the trailer with two should do the trick. Instead of building one of those gradual step up ramps out of my trailer Legos, I just set two blocks in front of each tire and, with equal parts umph and finesse, rolled up onto them. When I checked the level again, it read exactly the same; The blocks had basically just sunk down in the wet grass. At this point, I could have rolled back down and set up a proper ramp up to 4 blocks high. Instead, I just stacked 4 up behind each tire and bumped the trailer back onto them. Now the level read at the center tick which of course means that I needed one more block on the left. With 3 more blocks added to the original 2 and placed in front of the tires, I eased up onto the perch. Now I hope @advodna_ann remembered to latch the cabinets 'cause we're taking the express elevator on the way back down. #airstreamprotip #Airstream #liveriveted #kingofthemountain