Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26, 2015 at 08:37PM by advodna_dave

Found the roof, but it looked like the goats had been on strike for some time. No sign of them other than merch. A cute country store tho with tons of hard to find pantry items from around the world, smoked and candied salmon in countless varieties and lots of misc wooden toys and crafts. Unfortunately, everything else in Coombs closed at the stroke of 5:00 so we walked around the eclectic sculpture garden across the street and settled back in at the country store cafeteria for a surprisingly decent burger. Still, when the kid's chicken fingers showed up mounded with fries but only two small chicken strips, I complained to Ann "$7.99 for a kids dinner and it's got two lousy pieces?!" Ann went to complain (more politely than I had to her) and they happily gave us two more. Then we realized it was really only like a $5.00 kids meal in USD. Oops! Soorry, Canada! At 6:00 pm with a 45 minute drive, we thought we might just squeak this day out. Then we couldn't find the port authority we'd called about a site. Or rather, the one we found was all locked up and deserted. Then we couldn't find the other campground listed in the tourist guide we'd taken from the ferry. Then the first campground at the next Provincial Park on the road to Tofino was closed. Needless to say, Mae was melting down and Wynne was on the edge. Light was fading and the steady sprinkle of rain we'd had all day continued. As we discussed pulling over to put the kids into pajamas and settle them into their car seats for a final one hour push all the way to Tofino, a sign came into view for another campground loop at the park. We tentatively drove down the road to find a completely empty and beautifully renovated campground. We backed into a site and as we started getting everyone ready for bed, I actually looked around the trailer and thought "It's good to be home," feeling like we'd just gotten back after a long drive. Within minutes, a polite and perky park ranger was standing in the rain outside our door collecting the $25 for the night. "$25 for one night?!" I complained in my head. Oh right, Canadian dollars. #sooorrycanada #sproatlake #goatswerenotontheroof #stayingflexible #airstreamwithkids