Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26, 2015 at 03:56PM by advodna_dave

Apparently, one of the main tourist attractions on the road to Tofino via Port Alberni is the country store in Coombs where goats graze on the living roof. Sure enough, the sign by the side of the road said "Goats on the Roof" next left. But with the rodeo in town, parking was tight so we decided to drop off the trailer 15 minutes up the road at the Little Qualicum Falls campground and come back. Well, that campground was closed until May 1 so we drove 10 minutes farther up the road to Macmillian Provincial Park since our BC Camping pamphlet didn't say anything about camping being closed. Around the time we arrived, we realized that was because it didn't have any camping at all. Oops. 25 minutes back to Coombs to a private park we'd passed next to the rodeo. Closed for the season. 15 minutes back towards the falls to check out another private park we'd seen signs for. Front yards full of cars on blocks and run down shacks along the road added to the skeevy vibe we got when we found the place and decided to move on. By now, it was nap or die for Mae so back to the Little Qualicum Falls day use area to park while she sleeps. On the plus side, Wynne and I took a nice hike to see the falls and Ann confirmed availability at the marina RV park in Port Alberni. When Mae wakes up, we'll backtrack for some roof goats and an early dinner before heading for camp. #travelingwithkids stayingflexible #littlequalicumfalls #coombs #goatsontheroof #whiskeycreek