Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015 at 03:24PM by advodna_dave

Well, here we are in Port Townsend, WA near the northernmost end of the very same Highway 101 that passes just a few miles from our house back in Northern CA, having come about 1000 miles by road. But now, we have a pretty big announcement to make! In the next few days... (wait for it)... we'll be continuing this epic trip... (wait for it)... BY BOAT! Wait, no, not *this* boat. I see now how that could have been misleading. 😉 The boat in the picture is "Airship" owned by @lauradomela and Kevin from, and while they are in fact taking a little time away from their Airstream to sail Airship up the Inside Passage to Alaska, all I meant is that we made our B.C. Ferry reservations to bring our trailer across to Vancouver Island next week. Oh, and we get to hang out with them for a couple days while they're in the harbor and we're in the adjacent RV park! #nordictug #mtrainier