Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 08, 2015 at 08:38AM by advodna_dave

Yesterday was not the most glampourous day on the road. Target to stock up on diapers, propane fill, pick up a box of Duplo blocks off CraigsList, Lowes to have replacement roller shades cut (blackout fabric in preparation for the Alaskan summer), a vet appt for a check of Gorilla's eye that she's been guarding and not opening fully, cancel dinner plans with friends when the appt runs long, return to the trailer and smell propane (soapy water traced the leak to a pressure release valve which hopefully was just doing its job since I'd thought it was weird that the guy had said the tank took 8.1 gallons, a full gallon more than it had ever taken before when empty), back out to the emergency vet clinic that has a device to test pressure in the eye, confirm that she has glaucoma and is starting to lose vision, remember a news story from the previous week about a proposed law to allow medical marijuana use by pets (hmmm...), wait 45 minutes at Rite Aid for $100 eye drops (and Ann's motion sickness prescription for a few upcoming ferry crossings), return home at 8:00 (thankfully to sleeping kids) and wake up every two hours through the night, not for the baby but to administer pressure-relieving eye drops. Follow up appt with an eye specialist in the morning. #airsteamwithdogs #firstworldproblems