Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015 at 07:59PM by advodna_dave

While dinner was cooking this evening, I decided to start packing a few things up for our early morning departure tomorrow. I grabbed @advodna_ann's bike and started around the back of the trailer to the bike rack when the sunset caught my eye. It was still bright, but the light was being diffused by the ocean mist. Folks were walking towards the beach with camp chairs and beer bottles or a glass of wine, settling in for the show. And then, it came to me; Wait, why are we leaving? I'd spent an hour that afternoon scouring the web for info on campsites up the coast and finding that most of them were either booked or uncertain first come first served. We'd thought we'd head to Morro Bay, well, just because it was a place we'd heard of. But why, we already had a beachfront campsite on the California coast most people would be envious of. Somehow, we'd slipped back into that mode of needing to have been to every place, to be able to talk about it to someone or even just register it in our memory banks, to keep moving, but that wasn't what this latest adventure was supposed to be about. Sure, there were places we felt we wanted to see - Crater Lake, Alaska, Nova Scotia, the Great Smokies, New Orleans - but this adventure was more about living slowly while making our way to those places. Just living our regular lives, keeping ourselves happy and healthy, and with beautiful locations out our windows. And Refugio fits that bill perfectly. Yeah, we're not leaving. #airstream #liveriveted #homeiswhereyouparkit - posted by advodna_dave on February 10, 2015 at 07:59PM