Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 March and April Route Map - Petaluma to Vancouver Island

In the next couple months, we’ll be slowly making our way north through the Pacific Northwest with the ultimate goal of heading to Alaska over the summer. While it may not be the best season to explore Oregon and Washington – though this year’s dry weather may actually make it pretty awesome – we’re enjoying moving pretty slowly these days and really want to take our time as we head north. That being said, there’s a lot of places we want to visit, and I’m sure we’ll end up feeling rushed no matter what! There will always be more to see, the important thing will be to remember to really enjoy the places where we do get to spend some time.

We’d love input and suggestions from people on what to see/skip. Keep in mind that we’ve done the Oregon Coast and are really excited to see Ashland/Crater Lake/Bend. We also have friends in Portland and Seattle we want to visit. Suggested things to see/do in the Oympic National Park for a week? Two weeks on Vancouver Island too much/little? And of course, let us know if we'll be passing through your turf or crossing paths.
Thanks in advance for your input!
Check out our route so far in red below and our planned route in blue. Click on the ADV-O-DNA logo anywhere to see the blog post.

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Route So Far / Planned Route

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