Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Strawberry Shake(down)


This is how future overlanders party. In our defense, our M.O. for the past 9 years or so of attending the Strawberry Music Festival has been “shanty-chic.” None of these Walmart expanding shelters or Burning Man geodesic domes for us. Just the biggest poly tarps we can find and a new method each year to get the ropes suspending them up as high in the trees as possible.Balloon Techniques used in the past include weighed tree-climber’s throw bags, sling shots, and 8’ diameter helium weather balloons though we often attribute their height to “trained monkeys” when questioned by passers-by. This year, the Thursday forecast called for snow so some actual attention was paid to weather protection in addition to the refugee-camp look we typically strive for.

The telescoping poles from Cabela’s worked great, particularly with a borrowed MEC Guides Tarp. Need to spend a little time figuring out the best awning set up then I’m planning on picking one of these up. It stood up to an accumulation of heavy slush on Thursday night. And sitting in the beach chair, you can see our 26 Watt Brunton foldable solar panel. Despite not getting much sun the first couple days, it kept up with the draw of the Engel fridge and the truck started right up after 4 days parked.  Propane heaters and cooler were great for a festival but won’t come on the trip.