Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ramblewriter – Great source for borders, shipping and stories

banner2 Every time I get on the ExPo or search for something related to this trip I find a new blog filled with valuable trip info and inspiring stories. This time I found Ramblewriter, a 20-something couple just back from a drive to Argentina in a Toyota 4Runner. Along the way, they’ve compiled very detailed descriptions of each border crossing (complete with step-by-step instructions) and great info on the ins and outs of shipping across the Darien Gap which should be extremely helpful to us. All of their info is well tagged and I found that scanning the categories on the right side was a great way to dig into something interesting.

I also really like their use of video in their blog. Using short clips with a narration of where they are and what they’re experiencing, compiled videos covering a segment of the trip (funny how jerky video can look so good with the right music) and a neat feature, interviews with other travelers, I thought they really gave a good feeling for their life on the road.

Their most recent post has them eloping to Vegas to get married. Congrats to them and I encourage you to check out their blog at