Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Find out about new blog posts via Twitter, Facebook or RSS

I just spent a little too much time figuring out how to beat the social networking world into submission. Do I set up a Facebook group or fan page? Do I update from Facebook to Twitter or Twitter to Facebook? Or from Blogger to Twitter or Blogger to Facebook? Or Faceblog to Twitbook? 

In the end, here’s how we set it up. Windows Live Writer (or any editor) posts to Blogger which publishes an RSS feed that is picked up by TwitterFeed which posts it to our Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Of course, people can also just subscribe to the RSS feed directly if they are prone to that kind of thing. So if you’re interested, check out the side bar on the web site and click the one you want. And yes, Mom, I will figure out a way to do an update by plain old email as well…

And, by the time I figured out how to do all this and had sent 20 test posts, we already had a follower (thanks, Walker).