Friday, April 16, 2010

Crawl for the border


Well, a side trip to Solvang, a few stops to pick up some forgotten items (pillows, toothbrush, sponges, etc) and the LA traffic got the best of us. By the time we hit San Diego, it was 6:00 and the freeway signs were reporting 50 minutes to the border. Having heard the mantra “Never drive in Mexico at night” too many times on trip reports, we decided to swing down to La Jolla to look for a campsite on the beach. Apparently, the last Friday night of Spring Break is not the best time to show up unannounced at beach campgrounds. We finally found space at a huge, family RV park called Campland on the Bay. Quaint? No, but we found a good Greek restaurant nearby on Yelp and were able to use the wireless to update the blog. This IS an adventure after all.

Border tomorrow after eggs on the griddle. From there, we’ll likely head to San Quintin, about 6 hours drive into Baja.