Sunday, March 14, 2010

Now we’re cookin’

We’ve been curious as to how a griddle would work bridged across our two Coleman multi-fuel stoves, so this past week we’ve been cooking every meal on the deck.  So far it’s been tilapia fish tacos, turkey burgers (with Gruyere and mustard mixed in), roasted rosemary potatoes, quesadillas, eggs and bacon, and yes, Mickey Mouse pancakes. It takes time to prepare for a trip like this properly , and we’re willing to put in the effort…

The Coleman Exponent 440’s have been running great on some old unleaded I found in the tool tube of the motorcycle.  The main trick I’ve discovered is to light ‘em and leave ‘em on high for 15-20 seconds or so before trying to simmer. When I shut down, I’m also flipping the gas knob from low to high rapidly as suggested in the manual to clean the jets and avoid what seems to be a common problem of gunking the generator. I’ve also heard that some carb cleaner can keep them clear. Still, I found myself on the Coleman web site ordering four (can’t be too careful for $11 a pop) extra generators.