Where Are We Now?

Check out our route so far (red) and next plans (blue). Click on the ADV-O-DNA logo to see pics and stories from anywhere we've been.



nealysonwheels.com said...

We will be going into Canada for 6 weeks this summer so lots of good info in her for us. I didn't realize it would be so difficult to get a data plan - guess I need to find my own Canadian Facebook friend now!

Don and Donna said...

Sad to say again the same issues for us Canadians with phones in the US. We follow you on Instagram (@drivingmissdonna) so send a PM if you need Canadian address or anything. Happy to help a fellow RVer. While in the US we always start our journeys at St George Utah and use the AT&T store address and zip for our phones and the zip for our fuel purchase if we need it:)

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